Weekend Hiatus

I’m thinking today that it seems like a great time to have a weekend hiatus ~ from the computer!

I’ve had such a productive day today, both at home and out and about. It seems a shame to stop my body from moving, to sit at the computer.

So, today is a short, but hopefully sweet post and tomorrow will be the same.

But just for the weekend. Just while the motion of my body has picked up some momentum, regardless of the heat!

I’m off to vacuum out my car now. Yes, it’s all repaired and registered, with a brand new windscreen label, proclaiming it to be driveable for the next twelve months! For being such a brave little car, whilst at the repair shop, it deserves a treat. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Weekend Hiatus

    1. Kathy, blog posts started writing themselves in my brain, as soon as I decided not to spend time on the computer! So, I used an old-fashioned pen and paper, carting them with me wherever I went! It worked a treat! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Robin, yes I did enjoy my time away from the computer, but I wrote three blog posts using pen and paper! Just slotted the writing in during coffee breaks! 🙂


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