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Freely Writing a Plan of Action

Personal freedom is something I hold very dear to my heart, possibly due…no; make that probably, due to the lack thereof I have occasionally experienced throughout my life.

But then, isn’t that the way life is? Upon experiencing what it is you don’t want, what do want becomes blatantly obvious!

At my very own “Freedom Space” this month, over at The Calm Space I share my thoughts on taking appropriate actions in your life’s journey.

So why not head on over there now and say hi to the wonderful Káren Wallace while you’re there? Feel free to explore some of the other amazing articles in Káren’s online magazine. You can come back over here, to thank me for steering you in her direction, later. 😉

Oh, and don’t forget to breathe! Deep breaths…

I know, it sounds crazy, but someone just reminded me to keep the blood circulating by taking some big, deep breaths of cleansing air, and you know what? I feel much better for it!

Whatever it takes, to keep you in a tranquil, calm space. 🙂

One thought on “Freely Writing a Plan of Action

  1. Deep breaths for sure. Many times a day I stop and make myself take deep-cleansing breaths. Breath in slowly to a count of 8, exhale to a count of 8. Do this a couple of times in a row and you really feel like you have cleared the old head. I envision all the carbon d. leaving my lungs as I breath out and it feels pretty darn good.

    I will have to go check out your links. Thanks!


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