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It Isn’t Easy Being Green

“It’s not easy bein’ green
It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things
And people tend to pass you over ’cause you’re
Not standing out like flashy sparkles in the water
Or stars in the sky

But green’s the colour of Spring
And green can be cool and friendly-like
And green can be big like an ocean
Or important like a mountain
Or tall like a tree”
~ From the song, It Isn’t Easy Bein’ Green, by Kermit the Frog.

Winter may very well still be with us, but we are already experiencing the occasional warm day.

Such was the case last Sunday, when we decided to take advantage of the pleasantly warm day and get into a few tidy up jobs and pruning of trees, growing along the front of our house.

As I collected together an armful of cut tree branches, one of the “leaves” in my arms let out the unmistakable sound of a cicada. All I had to do was find him, in amongst the greenery!

Twelve year old Adam was particularly keen to see him. For many years he has collected the emptied shells, no longer required by its inhabitant, although he had never before laid eyes on the real thing.

I was determined to find this little green fellow and I promised Adam he would be safe to hold, although he may fly away.

And find him, we did! The green leaves camouflaged him very well, but we eventually located him for Adam to have his first close up view of the cute little guy.

One day I will remember to have my camera strapped to my side when I spend time in the garden! All was not lost though, as Adam had his trusty mobile phone in his pocket. For once, I was pleased. I’m usually warning him that he will need to have the phone surgically removed from his hand, if he doesn’t put it down!

A very friendly new friend for Adam.
A very friendly new friend for Adam.

Here’s one of Mr. Cicada climbing up Adam’s t-shirt. The quality of the photos isn’t great, although not bad for a mobile phone.

The big green guy, climbing Adam's t-shirt.
The big green guy, climbing Adam’s t-shirt.

After Mr. Cicada had posed beautifully for this photo session for a few minutes, Adam gently placed him into the fork of a tree. He chirruped his thanks to us…just in time for little Miss Cutey Cat to realize where he was!

Luckily, Mr. Cicada was again wonderfully camouflaged in among the green foliage, so Miss Cutey didn’t have a hope of finding him.

We have a cluster of “Grandfather’s Whisker’s” attached to the bottom branch of the tree where Adam put Mr Cicada. As Miss Cutey Cat sat at the bottom of the tree, searching for her new cicada friend, she suddenly rubbed the whole of her face and head into the soft fluffy foliage of the Grandfather’s Whisker’s! Drat that phone / camera! As I tried to take a photo of her, it just wouldn’t click! The best I could do was a photo of her happy little face, after the soft, cuddly rub.

She just knew there was something of interest up there!
She just knew there was something of interest up there!

These are the magic moments of life…and this is what life is all about! Taking the time to pause, savour the moment and catch it if you can with a photo. The memory of Adam’s first encounter with a live cicada will linger, long after the cicada has flown away.

The front of the house looks much neater after our tidy up. I live in the hope that the pre-summer weather remains kind to us, so we can continue with the gardening tasks at hand.

13 thoughts on “It Isn’t Easy Being Green

  1. He is brave to hold the little creature! I find it hard to even think of wanting to hold something like that. Yuk!! Life outdoors with a young child always turns to something memorable. Thanks for sharing. ?


  2. I’ve noticed myself that girls are much fussier about what insects they touch than boys are! I knew Adam would want to hold the cicada and he was soooo gentle with him. 🙂


  3. Hi Joanne
    Reading your story made me realise how I missed out on some of the simple things in life as my kids were growing up. Memories like these with your son will last a life time. Its good to get back to nature and appreciate the beauty of life.
    Its been a cold winter in Melbourne roll on springtime!
    What would be your most memorable experience with nature?


  4. Stan ~ Our children grow up so fast, don’t they? I love to spend time in the garden with them, but this special time is overtaken by computers, mobile phones and the like, as they become teenagers! Catching the moments, while they last, is so precious.
    Just this year I’ve had a couple of WOW moments with nature, involving birds. I’ve always had a fear of birds coming too close to me, so have been startled by birds in the garden walking right up to me! When I have talked to them, they look as if they are listening, without any fear of me! 🙂

    Katie ~ I had wondered how many people had actually seen a cicada when I wrote this. Australians know what they are for sure; there’s no mistaking the ear-piecing chorus of cicadas on a hot summer’s night! I’m not even sure how many countries they are in. It might just be time for some reseach. 🙂


  5. What a great day! It sounds like everyone was happy and enjoying themselves (even when there was work to be done). How great for your son to be able to finally see the little creature alive and well. It’s these tiny moments that will last forever when we stop and smell the roses.


  6. I think your mobile phone photos turned out very well. 🙂

    Your cicada looks a little different than ours. Or maybe I’ve only seen them in some other state. M and I (along with our two sons) lived near West Virginia for about 13 years and were there for the 17-year cicada outbreak. There are cicadas every year but every 17 years it’s almost a plague of the creatures. I remember well walking M the Younger to the bus stop for his first day of school and ending up with cicadas stuck in my (then long) hair. They are noisy enough from a distance. Imagine having one right up against your ear. lol!

    It sounds like a great day. I agree with you about the magic moments of everyday life. 😀


  7. P.S. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog while I was rambling about our vacation in Colorado. I haven’t had time to keep up with you (or other blogmates) but hope to either catch up soon or at least start from where I’m at.


  8. FinallyGettingToEven ~ That’s exactly how I felt…I just had to “stop and smell the roses”, or in this case , find the cicada! The work was still there after our magical moment. 🙂

    Robin ~ Cicadas are very, very loud, close up! I’ve never heard of a plague of them here in Australia, thank goodness. And I’ve loved “touring” Colorado with you! I have quite a few of your recent posts to catch up on (been tied up with “offline” life lately) and will do so over the next few days. 🙂

    Kel ~ Yes, seeing the cicada in our garden was a sure sign that summer is on its way. I have just learned that only the males make that incredibly loud noise! So this summer, when I hear the chorus of cicadas again, I’ll be blaming the men! 🙂


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