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When Times Get Tough….

I’m sure the majority of you have heard about the massive deluge of rain in certain parts of Australia just now, with the state of Queensland being the worst hit.

Well, yes, it is that time of year, the rainy season in these parts, which I spoke about the other day in my post “My Country”.

What has eventuated over the last two days, however, is nothing short of a freak of nature!

The beautiful town of Toowoomba, just west of Brisbane and part of The Great Dividing Range is situated at 2,267 feet, or 691 metres above sea level. The last thing the residents of the town would have expected would be a flood, which has left, at latest report, eight people dead and seventy people missing.

The city of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, has also been experiencing unexpected high rainfalls (even for this time of the year), over a rather short period of time, causing the Brisbane River to break its banks.

The loss and damage to homes and businesses during times like these are unimaginable. I know. I’ve lived through it myself.

It’s times like these, when the situation becomes beyond critical, that brings out the best in people.

Here are a few ways to help ~

Appliances Online Australia has announced that for every Facebook member who “likes” their Facebook page, they will donate $1.00, up until 5pm on January 21, 2011. Their target to donate is $100,000.

If you have Facebook, please take a moment to show your support here.

The Queensland Government is accepting donations to help the flood victims get their lives back to normal sooner, rather than later.

Donations can be made by going here.

And last but not least, please say a prayer for the safety and well being of those who have been affected by the floods.

Look at the photo I have added at the top of the page, showing Toowoomba in all of its colourful, floral glory, and picture the town returning to the picturesque status it is so well known for.

Ah yes, Australia is Australia and our harsh climate does indeed send us some very trying times.

It is at these times when we all rally together and help in any way we are able, large or small, then life moves on.

The poet Henry Lawson sums the Australian way of looking at things up very well in “Send Round the Hat” when he says ~

“Now this is the creed from the Book of the Bush –

Should be simple and plain to a dunce:

If a man’s in a hole you must pass round the hat –

Were he jail-bird or gentleman once.”

2 thoughts on “When Times Get Tough….

  1. I’ve been following this on the news lately. The loss of lives and damage to homes is terrible. I will keep those affected in my thoughts and prayers.


    1. Thank you Robin. It has been an unexpected tragedy in some areas, expected flooding for this time of year in others. It’s now Thursday and the rain seems to have stopped for the time being.


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