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Typically January

New Uniforms

Well, who would have thought? It was exactly twenty years ago his month that I made my first January school dash!

Although back then, it was all about my five year old baby boy, my first child to start school.

He arrived at school on his first day, all bright eyed and ambitious, looking forward to this brand new adventure he was just beginning.

I was a cot case!!

As the year went by, momentum kicked in, I gained control over my apprehension and fears and I grew up somewhat.

Really, I had no choice. Who was I to worry myself stupid, when my children were going off to school filled with anticipation? I had to face the facts…

My babies loved having new adventures, thrived on learning new things, couldn’t wait to make new friends and appreciated their newly forming independence.

Was it really only seven years ago this month that the baby of my four children started school? In 2004 I had all four of my children attending school; the eldest in his final year, the youngest starting his first.

So, my baby arrived home yesterday from his surfing carnival, suntanned and tired, realising he is heading into the final days of his summer school holidays.

He’s starting a new school this year filled, yet again, with eager anticipation.

Enrolment into school ran smoothly. He’s beginning an Academic Excellence program this year, hence the change of schools.

With the enrolment completed by 11.30am and uniforms tried on and purchased by 12.30am, we were off to the shops for the final leg of our annual January dash.

Shoes and socks were purchased without incident at a local sports store. He’s a very happy chappie, knowing he will be wearing sports shoes every day, from this day forward, (well, Monday, actually!) as the school uniform requirement!

Lastly, we headed off to a nearby chain store to join another dozen or so mums, also accompanied by their overly suntanned children, in the rummage for stationary items.

By 1.15pm we were famished. What’s a January school dash without junk food? We found sausage rolls (I had a spinach roll!) and chocolate thick shakes to tide us over for the trip home. It’s been another hot, typically January day, yet another day when drinks are as necessary as breathing!

For the grand finale of this most typically January day, the weather has provided us with a thunderstorm, usual in these parts of the country after the heat of the day.

As the thunder fades away into the distance, our pretty bright green garden frogs will begin their croaking chorus to entertain me, as I patiently hand sew name labels onto my boy’s new school uniforms.

How typically January! 🙂

January Rain

3 thoughts on “Typically January

  1. Oooo! I can almost feel the humidity in that photo. It’s nice. The cold temperatures wring all the moisture out of the air (in the form of snow most of the time). The air in the house is so dry that we’re always shocking each other (static electricity). The poor cats get the worst of it as there is something really shocking about their fur.

    Those first days of school seem so long ago…


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