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Memories of My First Love

The power of the human mind fascinates me.

In many of my writings here, I find myself contemplating our abilities as human beings to shape our lives, moulding them to become what we would like them to be, by utilising the energies of an unseen being, a being with which we have total control over ~ our own minds.

However, our minds can be fickle little creatures, wandering off to parts unknown, if we let our guard down.

And most times our thoughts wander off into familiar territory. Our memories.

Some time ago I started another blog, one in which I would have a place to record my memories; a place where I could vent my thoughts and unmuddle my brain.

Once written, those thoughts and memories take their rightful place, in the back of my mind, leaving a void in which new memories can enter.

It’s almost like a therapy session!

The perfect conditions must prevail for me to write down my significant memories most of the time. Sometimes, a memory will rattle and clank around in my mind for many years, before I can finally put the ghosts to rest, in words.

The planets aligned perfectly for me just recently. Memories began a lifetime ago reached their conclusion for me.

I have no explanation for my feelings; they just are what they are.

Here is my most recently dismissed ghost, buried within the words of my mind, at “Memoirs of my Life”.

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