Visiting Point Danger, With Eyes Wide Open

Colours of Light

“Keeping my eyes wide open, I will show gratitude for all of the Everyday Inspirations I find in my life, recording their appearance to me in my Gratitude Diary.”

I wrote the above quoted words myself, on January 6, 2011, in my post “My Year for Freedom and Gratitude”. Little did I realise, as I wrote these words less than three weeks ago, just how closed my eyes had been.

For here, virtually right on my door step, is a veritable Touch of Paradise.

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Breaking Waves

Oh, for sure, I always knew it was there. The trouble is, I have been taking it for granted.

I Love Her Far Horizons

“Oft the colours are pitched so high
The deepest note is the cobalt sky…” ~ The Colours of Light, Dorothea Mackellar.

Point Danger lookout is situated right on the border of the two states of Queensland and New South Wales, with the border line running straight through the Captain Cook Memorial Lighthouse.

Captain Cook Memorial Lighthouse

The lighthouse itself stands 45 metres above sea level, or 146 feet.

This “Slice of Heaven on Earth” would be no more than fifteen minutes drive from where I live.

My first series of photographs were taken late yesterday afternoon. Although these pictures were all rather stunning, I figured the morning light would produce a far superior result, as Point Danger is located on the eastern side of Australia.

Crystals on the Ocean

The weather this morning was spectacular, with not a cloud in the sky. The salty-air wind howled around my ears as I walked around the lookout, taking photo after breathtaking photo, while the foamy white of the waves crashed into the rocks below.

These photos do not do the area justice. The colours surrounding me were magical. The bluest of blue skies, the greenness of the Southern Pacific Ocean, progressively darkening as the waters deepened and the ocean swelling and crashing in cascades of white bubbles against the rocks and along the shoreline of Duranbah Beach.

Duranbah Beach

In certain places, the sun glistened like shiny little crystals dotted across the ocean’s surface.

As I headed back to where I had parked my car this morning I came across a little fellow who my son had spotted yesterday afternoon, lazing on an embankment of rocks on the cliff face, probably 20 feet below us.

My attempts to photograph him yesterday had produced the result of a mound of brown rocks; he had camouflaged himself so well!

This morning, however, there he was as large as life, sunning himself on the grass beside the pathway, posing beautifully for a photo! After our photo shoot, he headed back to the safety of his rocky embankment.

Eastern Water Dragon

I’m confident in identifying my little model as an Eastern Water Dragon.

To say that I have reached an epiphany would be an understatement. I need to get out more; to explore my home area, my Touch of Paradise, with my eyes wide open and all of my six, (yes six!), senses, completely in tune to my surroundings.

And all of my discoveries will be written of, with accompanying photographs, right here. 🙂

Snapper Rocks

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