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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Curiosity

Where do these stairs and pathways lead to?

This week’s WordPress photo challenge theme is “curiosity” and what a powerful word that is!

Curiosity can to lead to many a new adventure; it opens up avenues for learning new things and can lead to many new and formerly unexplored paths.

The photo I have chosen to feature today shows pathways and stairs which I have yet to explore. They only became known to me after I came home one day with a series of photos I had taken at Point Danger last month, and I spotted this little nook as I looked through the photos on the computer.

I’m curious as to where the paths will lead and how the ocean will photograph at close range, with the waves breaking around the rocks.

When the heat-haze has cleared up a bit, hopefully during next week, my trusty little camera and I will be finding and exploring the site I have zoomed in on by editing the photo on the computer.

Because, well…I’m just plain curious! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Curiosity

  1. Looks like a wonderful place to explore! Wish I could go with you. Or maybe I can… since you’re bringing your camera along. 🙂

    I was hoping to do something for this challenge but went blank and didn’t like my husband’s suggestion that I take a photo of a one of our cats “playing dead” to illustrate the rhyme “Curiosity killed the cat/Satisfaction brought him back.” Ha. I like what you did with it.


    1. My camera is on standby to take with me when I go out tomorrow, Robin, so hopefully the heat haze will have subsided some.

      I must admit that I thought of the same rhyme as M, when planning which photo and story to go with, but playing dead is just too tragic to even joke about! Did you see my photos on Friday the 18th? My picture/story features my daughter’s amazing cat, who most certainly is a curious one!


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