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An Out-and-About Day

For a while now, husband has been trying to convince me to go to a local kitchen installation showroom to find some inspirational ideas for our kitchen renovation. What with uni, I have constantly resisted, but now we are actually getting into the reno, I made an appointment for 11am today.

As soon as my daughters heard I planned to go out, they organised me to have morning tea with them first! So we met at a lovely little coffee shop beside the Tweed River in Tweed Heads.

Little Aurora just loves her special “coffee” – a babycino – so seeing her so excited when her cup arrived, I just had to take a few photos.

For a two-year-old, she manages a “big girl’s cup” very well. (I think she’s had a lot of practice!)

And she didn’t plan on leaving one tiny bit in her cup! Her face looked very chocolatey by the time she had finished. 🙂

I had limited time though, so had to have a quick cuddle with both Aurora and Eli before I left. Aurora wanted to play her new favourite song for me, which is from a movie I haven’t seen yet.

And I had a big cuddle with handsome little Eli before I had to leave too. 🙂

When I arrived back at my car, I could see three pelicans in the distance, so had to take a quick photo of them before I left.

It was really worth the trip to the kitchen showroom. Everything I have on my wish-list was there – the doors and door-knobs I like, tiles, taps, cupboard fittings … we were so impressed that we have a rep coming to our house tomorrow to quote on a complete new kitchen. That will save a lot of time and effort for husband who has a million-and-one other projects to work on anyway.

The down side is that they are booked up until February next year, but we can still install the new range so we can use it over Christmas. It’s a free-standing cooker, so the new kitchen can be fitted around it.

In Mount Warning news, the valley is a tad hazy this afternoon, but we haven’t had a storm today for a change. It’s awfully humid though, so there’s probably rain about.

8 thoughts on “An Out-and-About Day

  1. Adorable pictures of the grandkids—you are so blessed! Lucky you can get your kitchen by February. We were all set to have a remodel last March and then the virus hit and then the company got bogged down with summer work. Now the virus has got so bad again they’re not sure they will work indoors during the winter and we’re not sure if we want them. In the meantime a beautiful sink sits in Kiah’s bedroom.

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    1. Oh dear, that’s disappointing for you, Kathy. We began planning our kitchen early this year, then put our plans on hold for the same reason. I do hope you can enjoy your new sink before too long. xx


  2. Oh my, your grandchildren are so sweet!!! What a wonderful way to spend the morning. That’s exciting that you’ll have a great new kitchen and I’m sure it will be worth the wait. I remember how much we enjoyed picking out new bathroom fixtures for our bathroom renovation a few years ago. Pelicans! The only other time I’ve seen one (that I can remember) was in Ireland, of all places.

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    1. Thank you, Barbara, 🙂 It’s fascinating watching children grow and seeing their personalities develop.
      Don’t you have many pelicans in the U.S.? I thought they were everywhere! I’ll have to go back to the river when I have more time and take some more photos. They are extremely photogenic birds. 🙂


      1. We have pelicans in Florida and along the Gulf Coast and in southern California but not in most of the United States. They don’t even migrate north in this half of the country. I did have fun photographing the ones I saw in Ireland, though. 🙂

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          1. You know, the more I think about it, I think I saw those pelicans at Fota Wildlife Park, in County Cork, but they weren’t in enclosures so it looked like they were free and native. There were also wallabies wandering free around the place, and I guess they’re not native, either! Katherine was 3 at the time and we spent quite a bit of time quietly watching a mother wallaby nursing her baby… But I was very excited to see those pelicans up close and in person!

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          2. Wow, wallabies in Ireland too?! They are native to Australia and New Guinea and have been introduced to other countries. I’m always happy to see pelicans too, and we can see them any day, so I can imagine how you must have felt seeing them. 🙂

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