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Sean Connery

Windy Monday

It isn’t often that I’m dreadfully moved to hear of the loss of a famous person. Sure, it’s always sad to hear of someone passing, I think of their family and friends, and how the loss will affect those who are left behind.

And then yesterday the news came through of the passing of Sean Connery.

During my last uni semester, one of the books we were asked to read was Dr No. I have never been a huge James Bond fan, but besides reading the book, I watched the movie for one reason only – it was in Dr No that Sean Connery first stared as James Bond.

But it was when I watched another movie, several years ago, that I became a huge Sean Connery fan. So today, I will add a short YouTube video of one of my favourite scenes from the 1986 movie Highlander.


Sir Thomas Sean Connery

1930 ~ 2020


11 thoughts on “Sean Connery

  1. It’s windy here, too. I’ve never seen “Highlander” so I will have to see if I can stream it online. I have never been a fan of James Bond, or most action movies, so it will be interesting to see what Sean Connery is all about. Sorry for your loss, Joanne.

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    1. Please do watch Highlander, Barbara, and let me know what you think. There are a few “action” scenes in the movie, but mostly it is a very beautiful, mystical story. And of course, there’s also two gorgeous men, Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert to enjoy. πŸ˜‰
      It’s strange feeling so incredibly sad about an actor passing away, an “unknown” person really, but the grief is real. Perhaps it’s knowing there will never be another movie made by a man who has brought so much joy over so many years to so many people.


    1. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched Highlander, Nicki, and it never gets old. Oh, that pun was not intended either! πŸ˜‰ I melt every time Christopher Lambert introduces himself as “Connor MacLeod of the clan MacLeod” …

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