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Getting back into routine

Today is the first day since before Christmas that life feels like it has regained a touch of normality. Husband went to work, I fed the birds and indoor pets, then sat down to eat breakfast.

The phone rang as soon as I put milk on my cereal.

Of course it did! That’s normal in my house. šŸ˜‰

Morning visitor.

There was still cloudy skies and rain about this morning. I’m loving the coolness of the last few days so much! I wish every summer day felt like it has recently, comfortably warm, with little humidity. After a coolish night, there was a hint of mist across the ranges and Mount Warning, which looked very pretty.

Later in the day the sun appeared for a while and the mountain looked extremely clear. I was a bit caught up in work related matters though, so didn’t pause to take any more photos after capturing this morning’s mist and layers of clouds.

Morning mist.

On the subject of Mount Warning, yesterday I read the sad news that the chains at the summit of the mountain, there to help hikers reach the top, have been removed. Apparently this is to discourage people from climbing the mountain, as the local indigenous people believe the mountain is a sacred site and don’t want people climbing the mountain. Needless to say, many locals are shocked by the news, as climbing the mountain has been enjoyed by people of all ethnicities for as long as anyone can remember, without a word of complaint.

Some cynics predict that in the near future, a fee will be charged for the pleasure of enjoying a hike that was once free. We will have to see what eventuates.


5 thoughts on “Getting back into routine

  1. ‘Change’ and ‘chains’ sound the same, don’t they? šŸ˜‰ Removing the chains may discourage some, but not all, I expect. The challenge may actually draw more to test their limits. Humans are funny that way.


  2. Love your morning visitor! (The one outside, I hope the telephone visitor didn’t keep you too long.) Love Mount Warning’s morning mist, too. There’s something so magical about mornings… My favorite time of day. šŸ’™


  3. It’s hard to hear about the climbing challenges. Sigh… Many years ago we used to have access to many wild and beautiful sites, but too many people started ruining them. Double and triple sigh.


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