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What’s Happening, Inside and Outside

After the old kitchen cabinets were removed, we had to clear a space for the new cabinets when they arrived. Our living area has never been so snug, with having to find space to squeeze our lounge chairs, coffee tables, and eight-seater table and chairs all into the one living area.

When we built our home twenty-seven years ago, we somehow managed to end up with one sliding window amid a house full of double-hung windows. Apparently the error was in the house plans, and when I asked the builder to please replace the window, he insisted it was too much trouble to remove the window he had ordered. The window was too wide, so there was not enough wall space for an overhead cupboard beside the window. The deal-breaker, however, was that when opened, the window slid from right to left. My gas stove burners, being positioned to the right of the window copped the full pelt of our frequent southerly breezes coming through the window. Therefore, no matter how hot the day, I had to keep the window closed while cooking.

Today, husband installed a new window in the kitchen, a double-hung window, which I can open at the top on a hot day. And the new window, being narrower, allows space enough for overhead cupboards that will fit neatly against the wall. Hallelujah! 🙂 (The gap to the right of the window has now become a part of the wall.)

Meanwhile, the day that began bright and sunny gradually turned to grey. There hasn’t been any rainfall, but the high humidity is a strong indicator that there is rain about.

With so much activity inside the house, I haven’t spent much time in the garden lately at all. Yesterday I noticed a small potted frangipani in bloom, and what a beautiful pink flower it is too! When the weather cools over the next month or two, I will plant this frangipani in the garden, so hopefully next year there will be even more lovely pink flowers to admire. 🙂

And I spoke too soon – the rain has arrived …

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