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Between Showers of Rain

The rain barely let up again today. Early this afternoon, however, there was a short break between showers, so I took the opportunity to dash outside with my camera.

The weeds are growing … like weeds!! They’re growing everywhere, in the garden beds, between the pebbles on the stairs, amid the grass … I had to pause to pull out a few. In doing that though, I disturbed a very extensive mosquito population, undoubtedly multiplying in small hollows where rain is captured in the garden rocks, so my weeding didn’t last too long.

From my front door, I have had my eye on my magnolia tree this week. It’s a fairly new tree, and I could see an open flower which needed closer inspection. The flower has taken a battering from the wind and rain, yet the petals are serving as dainty cups to catch the fallen carpels.

More rain is predicted. but I see a prediction for a sunny day on Monday! 🙂

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