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Eight Powerless Hours

Picture this…sitting quietly, alone, at the computer. Sweltering hot Saturday afternoon, about 4:30 p.m. Getting in earlier with your blog post than you have all week.

WHAM!!! The power cuts out, followed immediately by a series of intermittent crackling sounds, out on the street.

Computer’s down and work’s not saved.

Walking up the driveway to the road, I noticed, as I have constantly over the last few days, that it is cooler outdoors than inside at the moment.

There wasn’t a single soul in site. And the whole area seemed eerily silent.

About ten minutes later a friend of my daughters, a volunteer fireman, contacted her to let us know that a power pole had fallen over, just up the road and around the corner from our house.

The crackling sounds I had heard must have been the power arcing after the pole fell.

Emma and I took ourselves outside, braving the heat and the steep walk up the hill, to investigate the situation. Never without her iphone, the above photo is compliments of Emma.

As you can see, the pole covered the entry to a street, which just happens to be the only access to our own secluded pocket of houses in the village.

The power pole had been threatening to fall for some time, slanting over gradually further each day, although not regarded as a priority repair job by the local electricity company.

Umm…not a priority, we asked? A man could fit his fist into the centre of the pole, which had been eaten away by termites!

Within feet of this power pole children play, cars are parked, dogs are walked. The hill is a favourite exercise walking routine for a number of locals. The local public school is located just across the road!

Miracles do happen ~ no one was hurt.

At around 5:30 p.m. we were told to expect the power to be cut for at least two to three hours.

By nightfall, with bar-be-que cranked up and a salad prepared by candle light, we were told perhaps it would be another couple of hours.

The night air seemed to become hotter and more dense. Perhaps it was my imagination working overtime, knowing that the electric fans were still! When my family chimed in with complaints, I felt assured that it wasn’t just me complaining. The night felt so hot that I imagined a knife could have cut through the air!

Further investigation at around 10:30 p.m. showed that at least they were getting somewhere. A new pole was in place and the power lines were being reconnected.

Maybe there would be hope for today’s blog post after all, I thought. They just have to connect us back up before midnight….

After dosing off for about an hour on my favourite comfy lounge chair, I took myself off to bed at around 12:30 a.m. this morning.

Wouldn’t you know it, maybe two minutes after my head hit the pillow the power came back on!

Oh well, I couldn’t perform a miracle without electricity and add a post yesterday, although it has supplied me with an unexpected story to share today! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Eight Powerless Hours

  1. Joanne, I really don’t think you’ve toughed it out enough- i bet you could’ve blogged by iphone? No? Actually i really don’t understand all the iphone can do. . . glad to hear you got power back though.


    1. What, touch my daughters iphone? She’d die if it left her hand!! Lol. And how do they work anyway??

      You’re right though, I’m becoming more and more of a softy in my old age. But sooo happy to have all of the fans going full blast around the house again today. 🙂


  2. I’ve been known to keep an auto-post handy, moving it up each day, just in case, but who would think you’d need such a thing on such a clear day? Certainly I wouldn’t have!

    Glad you have your fans back on. It makes me warmer just to know you have enough heat to require fans. 🙂


    1. Robin, we lost power without warning, so unfortunately even an auto-post wouldn’t have helped. I was kicking myself though for not being more organised during the morning.

      Josie, I’m sure you could buy a new lead for your iphone! I had to buy Emma a new computer charger the other day (hers was broken) and was amazed at the different leads available. Me, au fait with computers? I usually muddle through and work out enough to get me by. Lol! If in doubt, I ask someone under twenty how to do the computerish stuff. They have an inbuilt radar for such fathoming!


  3. Phew, glad you admitted to that. Apparently my phone connects to the internet but I don’t know HOW and really don’t care.
    This is a shame as I have photos of the closed hospital on it and cannot for the life of me find the lead to connect the phone to the mac to download them :- (

    I thought you were au fait with all things computerish. . do you know how i respond to comments without just commenting on my own blog like everyone else?
    Most instructions just make my eyes glaze over, if it wasn’t so therapeutic I’m sure I wouldn’t even have a blog. . ..


    1. Sorry Josie, I didn’t answer your question (how rude of me!!) I’m with WordPress and in the dashboard I go to “comments”. When you run the mouse under the comment, some previously invisible words show up, including “reply”. When I click on that it drops down a window for me to reply in. You’re with Blogger, aren’t you? I’m not sure if it’s the same as WordPress. See if you can find what I’m talking about. Good luck!


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