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A Short Love Story of Two Rainbow Lorikeets

There was no rain today, but the mountain and ranges were beautifully crisp and clear, as if they had been washed clean by yesterday morning’s downpour.

While standing at my kitchen window at breakfast time, two rainbow lorikeets crashed – gently, thank goodness – into my large glass door which leads into the garden. As strange as it seems, they both came back and did it again! It was as if they wanted to come inside the house.

I always have a dish of water on an old table out the back for the birds, and the other day I added a dish of bird seed too. One of the lorikeets, which I assume was the female, jumped up onto the table and investigated both dishes, taking a drink of water, while the other lorikeet bobbed around the table doing a strange sort of dance. This bird, I assume, was a male.

After a couple of minutes of seemingly ignoring her suitor’s advances, the female turned to him, they wrapped their heads around each others body – this is the last photo – then away they flew!

And now I’m back to essay writing. But I just had to pause and share my cute little story today. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “A Short Love Story of Two Rainbow Lorikeets

  1. Stunning pics and a smiling story to match. Just letting you know I saw you stopped by Beach Walk Reflections (which will be starting soon). Thank you …. Hope your creative writing classes are going well.

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