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Friday Photography

The early morning valley looked clear and sunny, and based on the way the weather has changed suddenly by mid-morning the last few days, I went out early to take a few photos. Lucky I did, as by around 9:30am the clouds had rolled in. This afternoon, it rained.

I had several cheeky little noisy miners flitting around me. They don’t stay still for long, so I grab a photo when I can. The background of a grey fence isn’t ideal, but you’ve gotta love this “pigeon toed” stance. ❀

Here’s Mr. Magpie …

And Mrs. Magpie …

… and one of my regular butcher bird visitors. Like the noisy miners, butcher birds don’t stay still for long either!

A post of bird photos would notΒ  be complete without one of our beautiful kookaburras!

Today I have something a little bit different to share. From my back garden I can see distant glimpses of the Tweed River, so I zoomed in on a couple of areas to see what’s happening down in the valley.

It looks like there are still a few unharvested sugar cane fields. It also looks like the farmers are busy working in the harvested fields with the heavy machinery, probably preparing them for next year’s crop.

Occasionally I see a houseboat down on the river, and there was one there today.

I’m not sure what the weekend will bring. We still have chores to complete in the garden, but our weather is predicted to reach around 30 degrees Celsius both Saturday and Sunday. That will limit the time we spend outdoors if the prediction is accurate.

Have a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “Friday Photography

    1. Yes, it’s a tad warmer than usual, but I suspect the northerly winds are the culprit! Our house is on the southern side of a hill, so we don’t get the full blast of the northerlies. It may still be warm here though.

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        1. We are getting a few warmer days here and there, then it reverts back to pleasant temperatures again. Usually by January the “real” summer weather begins. That’s my least favourite time of year, so every year I plead for photos of snow from my snow-bound friends – you’d be surprised how powerful the mind is when imagining the cooling effects of snow during a heatwave!

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    1. It’s 8:30am here now and feels like a normal temperature day so far. Husband has just reminded me to get out into the garden to water the plants in case the heat sets in though. πŸ™‚


    1. Isn’t it incredible how nature gives eack bird particular features that define their nature? You can see that the miners are playful little scally-wags just by their appearance. πŸ™‚


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