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Unseasonal Heat

For the third day in a row we have had a high temperature of around thirty degrees Celsius – or 86°F. It could be worse though. The highest temperature recorded for this day was back in 1996 at 34°C, and chances are there have been hotter November days before temperature recordings were kept. Tomorrow is predicted to be around the same temperature, but after tomorrow it should drop back down to the mid-twenties.

Thank goodness! It’s difficult to get motivated to go out into the garden when it’s that hot, but with only six weekend between now and Christmas, during the weekend, outside we went. I think I mentioned before that this time last year we hardly spent any time at home, due to helping my inlaws to transition into aged care. So the catching up around our own house and garden continues. With plans for the family to all spend Christmas at our place, we are trying to get everything organised, both indoors and outside, and what a job it’s turning out to be!

The heat certainly isn’t helping any. The northerly winds are really messing with the mountain view, which has been hidden behind heat haze for most of the past three days. The only time it is slightly visible is at sunset, and the amazing sunset skies have well and truly made up for the dismal days.

Tonight when I went outside to take some sunset photos, Mrs. Magpie landed nearby. She posed beautifully for me too, turning her head this way and that, as if posing for the photos. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Unseasonal Heat

    1. We have had some “early summer” days this year, and there’s a few more predicted. We are suppose to have more spring-like temperatures as well, so I’m looking forward to those. 🙂

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    1. Oh, Gillian. 🙂 She’s in Sydney, isn’t she? I hope she isn’t missing the family too much with being stuck here in Australia. Our international borders have been closed since March.
      I can imagine how strange it would be for you to imagine a hot Christmas day!


  1. Warm days, and if it is humid, are hard to take, I imagine. I melt in the heat, although since I got chilled to the bone today working 3 hours outside in the low 40sF, a bit of heat sounds pretty good right now. 🙂

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    1. The heat can be positively awful, Eliza! The worst part is not being able to spend much time in the garden, so I try to go out first thing in the morning, before the heat sets in. That way, I don’t resent the weather as much for depriving me of gardening. 😉

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  2. That does sound uncomfortably hot, and it’s only spring. Like Kathy said, it seems strange to think of having Christmas in the summer. But how nice it will be to have your whole family together! Love the sunset and Mrs. Magpie.


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