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In History Today ~ Dollars and Cents Introduced in Australia, (Amongst Other Things!)

“In come the dollars and in come the cents

To replace the pounds, the shillings and the pence,

Be prepared, folks, when the money starts to mix

On the 14th of February, 1966”.

And so went the jingle, to the tune of “Click Go the Shears”, during the weeks leading up to Australia’s change in currency.

Yes, yes, yes, I know; it’s Valentine’s Day today! There’ll be enough love spinning around the internet today, without me adding my “penny’s worth”, or perhaps “two cents worth”!

So, dear reader, you’ll probably not hear this story anywhere other than here!

Today, I wear the hat of the “individualist”. Everyone else can take the high road and I’ll take the low road and we’ll all still arrive at February 15th in the same way!

Some may arrive there more broke than others, having spent a small fortune of their dollars and cents on materialistic impulses, in an effort to impress someone they love.

Perhaps this is the point where I should be yelling out “Bah, Humbug!”, even though it isn’t Christmas! But really, I ask you, why can’t we say “I love you” every day of the year?

Today is the anniversary of a momentous, monumental and unfortunately, probably forgotten memory, a day in history, lost in the depths of an ocean filled with a million bunches of perfumed roses.

It was forty-five years ago today when confusion began to reign supreme, when no one could work out the equivalent of what, in our currency, so everyone admired the shiny new coins, featuring Australia’s native animals, instead.

The change over period of pounds, shillings and pence to dollars and cents lasted many years until eventually the old currency was completely phased out.

It is a rare occasion today to see any money from the old system.

So there you have it, my reminder that today is something more than just Valentine’s Day, especially in Australia!

Footnote ~ Any contributions of roses to the author would be greatly appreciated, the real and scented variety, that is. And afore said contributions need not be limited to just one day of the year! (I’m not that Scrooge-ish!)

On a more serious note, please read a story of family love, here…. And tell those who mean the most to you “I love you”, not just today, but every day. xxxxxx

4 thoughts on “In History Today ~ Dollars and Cents Introduced in Australia, (Amongst Other Things!)

  1. We did this same confusion to ourselves in 1971. I do remember spending the old money (pennies and threepenny bits mostly) but never learned “how many pennies in a shilling” and all that stuff at school, I was too young at the time.

    Regarding Valentine’s Day (or more correctly St. Valentine’s Day) – we just get each other a card, nothing more, and tell each other the right things almost every day I think. 🙂


    1. Hello Mike! 🙂
      I seem to vaguely remember the change over of money in the UK myself! Over here, they claimed that dollars and cents would be easier, as they are counted in tens, for example ten cents to a shilling. Measurements in metric are suppose to be just as easy…apparently!
      I hope you and Billie had a wonderful St. Valentine’s Day! (We are a lazy lot here, we tend to drop the St.!)


  2. Good post, Joanne. Yes enough of St Valentine’s Day. I hadn’t realized it was ON that day that decimal currency came in.
    And, from one who has loved and lost (as they say) yes! Celebrate your love everyday, coz you are sooo lucky to have it.
    Josie x


    1. Thank you, Josie. 🙂
      Every year, I listen out for some mention of the anniversary of dollars and cents being introduced, but never hear any word of it. This year, I decided to take matters into my own hands! 😉


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